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About Us

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Restart the Heart?

, About Us

We are your local firefighters; we are paramedics; we are trained, experienced medical professionals. 

We have a passion for teaching and a belief that all people should have first aid training to effectively respond to emergencies in their own lives.

Affordable Quality Training Across Ontario; Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara, Waterloo, Oshawa, Barrie and more!

The Mission Statement


At Restart the Heart First Aid our mission is to prepare each participant with the confidence, knowledge, and skills to act safely and quickly in an emergency. 

We aim to provide quality and affordable first aid training courses to our clients.

Our Values


As an organization, we aim  to promote an safe and inclusive environment while learning life saving skills. We will go above and beyond to ensure that all participants’ values, beliefs, and opinions are respected, and everyone is treated fairly with dignity.

We take great satisfaction in donating 10% (ten percent) of each course and event to local community food banks, furthering our commitment to help those in need.

Our Vision as a Healthcare Provider


Our vision is to be recognized in the industry for providing quality training with quality instructors in Ontario. We seek to create a community where everyone has the first aid skills and knowledge to save a life. Our goal is to best prepare you for emergencies in your life.

Why Choose Us?


We understand that you want the best for your employees and organization. We understand that first aid is an integral part of any workplace and we understand this is a WSIB requirement for most workplaces in Ontario.

We care about our customers and we care about or community. Not only is our goal is to have everyone in Ontario trained in first aid, but the confidence to act in an emergency. 

We are a team of medical responders who work, live and volunteer in the community. We are firefighters, paramedics and medical professionals who have a passion and a strong commitment to teach and prepare the community for emergencies in their own lives.

First aid emergencies are unexpected and it can be a terrible feeling when you don’t know what to do. The skills you learn in these courses could make the difference between life and death. 

The knowledge and awareness you learn could mean the difference between helping someone in their most vulnerable time or being unprepared and unwilling to act. 

These courses will prepare you to act confidently in an emergency, understand what needs to be done and give your patient the best chance at survival.

The immense satisfaction that comes with saving a life is priceless.

Learn From Medical Responders, Firefighters, Paramedics &
Healthcare Professionals

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