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Health & Safety Consultation

Restart the Heart First Aid provides full-service consultation to our clients. Our strong approach focuses on preventative action as opposed to reaction to benefit your organization with the reduction of incidents and accidents on site. We provide all necessary documentation to convey our findings and recommendations that will best suit your needs. Our due diligence and safety standards are unmatched with the strong belief that everyone goes home.

We are qualified, trained and continuously pursuing educational programs to have the most up to date knowledge and experience in the industry to ensure your company get the best service. Restart the Heart First Aid will provide you with the best advice on legislative mandates and the effect they will have for your organization.

We can develop a comprehensive health and safety program customized to meet your needs. We develop programs that will save lives, reduce injuries, reduce insurance premiums, fines and government interference. A comprehensive and well-planned safety program will improve company productivity, employee morale and relationships amongst the team.

The health and safety of your team will always be our top priority. See below for a list of our services tailored to improving the health and safety program at your organization.

Compliance Audits

We will complete a comprehensive audit and provide your organization with a detailed report on how your organization’s health and safety  program is compared to the requirements of the occupational Health and Safety Act.

Health and Safety Annual Review

Restart the Heart First Aid can provide your organization with its annual policy update and training to the workers and management to implement any updates to your policies and procedures as they occur and as required by the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Health and Safety Policies

We can design your company’s Health and Safety Policies and Programs to meet the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Ministry of Labour

The Ministry of Labour Inspectors have powers to enforce and obtain compliance with health and safety requirements. Compliance orders describe actions the employer is obliged to take in order to comply with specific legal requirements. Where there is immediate risk of injury to a worker, a “stop work” order is issued to prevent work from continuing until compliance is achieved. Inspectors can also issue tickets under the Provincial Offenses Act or initiate prosecution for non-compliance. We’ll help your team understand the concerns the MOL and work together so a stop work order doesn’t happen on your site.

Health and Safety Programs

A workplace needs a health and safety program to comply with the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, in addition to setting out safe work practices and procedures to be followed to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. 

Your organization must have in place written Occupational Health and Safety policies, practices and procedures. The policies would demonstrate and document that your organization carried out workplace safety audits, identified hazardous practices and sought to fix hazardous conditions as well as making the necessary changes to correct the conditions. Organizations must provide employees with information to enable them to work safely.

Safety Meetings

A safety meeting is a proactive system that reminds workers that health and safety on the job is of the utmost importance. Each talk could discuss potential hazards at the workplace and how to reduce them. Safety meetings demonstrate the communication between employers and workers to achieve a healthy and safe working environment. 

Workplace Inspections

Workplace inspections identify any hazardous conditions that may exist. We can provide your organization with daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly workplace inspections. Correcting hazards in the workplace before an accident or injury occurs is vital to any organization. 

Accident Investigation

Restart the Heart First Aid will investigate and report its findings in detail to your organizations management department, implement corrective actions, and provide a written detailed report along with all required documentation to your organization’s Health and Safety department and Joint Health and Safety Committee. 

Our dedicated staff of professionals are highly experienced and well versed in conducting accident investigations and developing immediate corrective actions to ensure that the near misses, incidents, or accidents don’t happen again.

Accident or Incident Reporting

We can provide your organization with accident and incident reporting services. The Ministry of Labour’s indicates that if workplace injuries of illnesses occur, the employer has certain duties to notify MOL employees.

If a person, whether a worker or not, has been critically injured or killed at the workplace, the employer must notify the Ministry of Labour Health and Safety Contact Centre, the Joint Health and Safety Committee or representative and the union.

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